• Tuesday , 10 December 2019

You Can Regularise Your Immigration Status

Immigration to the UK has never been easy. Nowadays, the political climate and certain changes are actually making the immigration process much more confusing for many people. Immigration law has always been confusing; there are several different types of statuses. There are asylum seekers, refugees, work visas, temporary visas, permanent legal status, and much more. If you overstayed your visa or were denied asylum status, you might even be in the UK with your status in flux. Fortunately, you can regularise your status even if you have already filed for a visa or asylum and were rejected.

Hire Immigration Attorneys

The first step in regularising your status is hiring qualified immigration solicitors in Leeds.

  • The immigration process requires you to navigate many different confusing legal statuses; therefore, a solicitor is your best option.
  • Also, you will have a much better chance of having your status approved if you have a good solicitor.
  • Look for a solicitor who has a history of winning cases.
  • An immigration case is much like any other case; you need to establish a narrative, build your case, and provide certain pieces of evidence.

Building a Case

Building an immigration case is easier if you have evidence. For example, your case will be simpler if you have a family, a partner, a job, or something else tying you to the United Kingdom. You’ll be able to use that as evidence in your favour. Building a narrative also helps. If you can help a judge understand why your status was rejected in the first instance or why you have been living without regular status, it will help your case.

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