• Monday , 13 July 2020

Are There Different Types of Bail Bonds?

It can be hard to get out of police custody. There are several types of bonds that you can use for this situation. Here are the seven bonds that can help you get released from police custody.

Citation Release

Everyone wants to have a citation release. This means that you were not taken into custody. The police officer simply writes a ticket with a court date. These citations are used for minor traffic violations and crimes.

Recognizance Release

A recognizance release does not require any type of money. All you have to do is make a promise to appear in court. This type of release is an easy process.

Cash Bail

This bond is paid in cash. You can pay the bond by yourself with your own funds. Most departments do accept cash bonds. Some correction facilities may not take cash. However, they will accept a cashier’s check or credit card as a bond payment.

Surety Bond

Bail bond companies use surety bonds. If you cannot afford a bond, you can sign an agreement with the company. You will have to pay for 10 percent of the bond. The bond agent will cover the rest of the bond amount.

Property Bond

Most states will allow you to use your property as bond. These transactions are all handled by the court system. You must have a hearing to assess the property’s value.

Federal Bail Bonds

Federal bonds are used in the federal court system. The courts will handle all cash or property transactions.

Immigration Bail Bond

Non-citizens and non-residents must use this type of bond. These bonds can be tricky to secure because of the arrestee’s legal status.

If you are looking for 24 hour bail bonds Pittsburgh PA, there are options for your situation. An experienced bail bond company can help you sort through the different types of bonds. You can find the one that can help to secure your loved one’s release in a timely matter.

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