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When Do You Need To Hire Drunken Driver Attorney For Defending DUI Charges?

Driving under influence is severe crime. Therefore, DUI charges get handled in the criminal court. You can represent yourself against DUI charges but such grave offence can impact your employment and future.

Do you need to hire a lawyer?

The drunken driver lawyer promise that they ‘may’ [even means ‘may not’ indirectly] get your DUI charge dismissed or reduced or save your license.

In the past, hiring drunken driver specialist lawyer could result in pleading for lesser charge like reckless driving, which resulted in paying fine. Today, the scene has totally changed. The approval of ‘drunk driving per se & other laws’ by every 50 states has made it compulsory for drunk drivers to be tried on DUI charge.

What are per se laws?

According to per se laws, if the driver’s BAC or blood-alcohol content is more than legal limit of 0.08 or more via blood test or breath test then you are charged with DUI. BAC level is the only evidence needed to charge you with DUI or operating a vehicle while intoxicated.

In positive condition, you will lose your driving license, get penalised, will be convicted, and insurance will increase even if a drunk driven attorney represents you. Hire an attorney only when you are certain that your BAC level is correct, at the time you were arrested. If you record 0.08 or more than undoubtedly you will have DUI conviction marring your driving record.

Other charges influencing when arrested for DUI

Factors that can influence your sentence can be repeat offense, injuries, property damages, or child life endangerment. A lawyer can help you lessen these aggravating circumstance outcomes but even those sentence improvements carry compulsory fines, especially for repeat law breakers. Hiring a lawyer in some cases is unhelpful.

Obvious situations when you can hire a lawyer

When you are really innocent means you have not been drinking but failed breath or sobriety test then hire a drunken driving lawyer. You will surely need one. Arguing your innocence on your own can be tricky, so seek legal counsel!

How the drunken driving lawyer can help?

The lawyer ensures that you are fully prepared for the court proceedings. They make you familiar with what questions will be asked and what response will be expected from you. The advocate is in the best position to help you complete some gaps or loopholes prior you appear in the court.

For example, the lawyer may make you finish alcohol treatment program or education needed by state to recover your driving privileges. It means you will be navigated through processes that you will eventually have to undergo in every circumstance. It is helpful to do them prior getting sentenced, so as to restore your driving privileges as soon as possible.

If you are experiencing the first DUI charge then the process may be confusing, a lawyer can help to move things smoothly. However, you will need to consider the fines and penalties of DUI convictions along with the lawyers’ fees.

If you know you are guilty then there is no use in hiring a lawyer because the outcome of your case will not change. Lawyer representing you will seem like another financial burden you will need to pay.

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