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Do You Need a Power of Attorney

To determine whether you need a power of attorney, you need to understand the basic purpose of this legal service. A lasting power of attorney enables someone to act on your behalf in making decisions. You may need someone to do this for you if you feel that you do not have the mental ability to make certain decisions for yourself.

When You Need the Service

You can choose affordable lasting powers of attorney services in Sutton Coldfield on a temporary or permanent basis. For instance, if you are in hospital and need to have your bills paid, you may need the services of a power of attorney to meet your obligations. A more permanent solution may be needed if you are involved in an accident or you are diagnosed with a mentally crippling condition such as Alzheimer’s or dementia.

A lasting power of attorney can only be used in Wales or England. This type of legal service replaces an old system, called an enduring power of attorney, which was changed in 2007. If you set up a lasting power of attorney but do not want someone to have access to your banking information, you can choose from one of several options.

Keeping Your Bank Details Private

These options are as follows:

  • You can establish a standing order, permitting you to pay a certain amount
  • You can establish a direct debit, one of the simplest ways to pay your regular obligations
  • You can have the attorney use a prepaid card so the spending amount is controlled
  • You can change your current banking account into a joint account

Take time today to review your options in this respect.

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