• Thursday , 21 January 2021

Seeking Alimony

Alimony is a payment made by one spouse in order to support the other. This money could be paid out over the course of several years or for a short time depending on how long you were married and the finances of each person involved in the relationship. The payment is often called spousal support. A temporary payment can be ordered while the divorce proceedings are taking place. After the divorce, the payment could continue or stop depending on the final results of the proceedings. It’s important to contact an alimony attorney Orlando FL offers so that you can get your questions answered and so that you receive a fair amount. If you have children together, this amount would be separate from child support if you choose to file for this payment as well.

While you’re still married, the court could order that the other spouse provide financial support or separate maintenance if the spouse doesn’t give money, especially if there is clearly a need for the support to be received. If you plan to live apart without getting a divorce, then separate maintenance is usually ordered and is usually based on the lifestyle that you had before the other person left the home. When you seek alimony, you have to be able to show that you are in need of the support of your spouse and that the other person has the financial means to continue supporting you after the marriage is dissolved or through the divorce proceedings. The amount ordered can be a part of the divorce proceedings or can be listed as a separate amount. Consider talking to your spouse to try to work out a solution because a judge might order less than the amount that you were asking for originally. You usually can’t ask for alimony after the divorce is finalized.

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