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Here are the best tips that you can use when you apply for an Australia Partner Visa 820 and 801

As they say, love can move mountains but not the immigration office because there are a lot of spousal applications for other countries are denied by many immigration agencies in particular countries such as Australia due to stricter rules and regulations before one can enter the Land Down Under through applying Australia Partner Visa 820 and 801.

Australia’s Department of Home Affairs are very strict when it comes to this kind of applications and the applicants have to go through a hole of a needle just to get approved. For applicants who passed this and got approval to become an Australian citizen, they already know how tough it is just to become another citizen of a foreign country.

This would take months of paperwork and other necessary preparation to apply for Temporary Partner Visa 820 and the Permanent Partner Visa 801 which usually takes a year and a half during the application process which is very long and very confusing that is why in this article from a family and partnership visa specialists, let us talk about the best tips that will help you in having a successful application and approval of Visas’ 820 and 801. To know more here is the spouse visa Australia checklist that you should follow.

  • Apply and prepare early- If you and your Australian partner are planning to get married and tie the knot, you should already start the application process already because there are a lot of requirements that you have to compile for the application that is why it is best advised that you prepare in advance. Usually, applicants take about three months in compiling the requirements and downloading the application forms all the way to submitting it to the Department of Home Affairs. You should also remember that the paper application and the online application are very different versions from each other.
  • Compile all the identification documents- You should secure certified copies of your identification such as birth certificates, baptismal certificates, passport, and other identifications that are needed during the application process to make it more organized and you have everything on your disposal once your application is already up.
  • Secure a police clearance or certificate- It is required in every country that you have to secure a police certificate or clearance to ensure that you resided in your city or town for more than a year or 12 months, and this is to ensure also that you have no criminal records and you are a registered citizen in that particular area.
  • Make thorough family detail- One of the most common questions and probably one of the main reasons why a lot of applicants are denied is because they cannot provide good and precise detail of their family. You should provide the complete names, birthdates of your parents, siblings, step-parents, guardian or even half-siblings because this is also required for the visa application.
  • Proof of your relationship with your partner- In other words, proving your de facto relationship is needed also for a de facto partner visa that you are committed to a relationship with an Australian citizen for more than a year and you should provide utility bills to prove that you are living together for a more concrete evidence that you are qualified for the spousal visa application. Anything from joint travel tickets, bills, joint bank accounts, and other statutory declarations and visual evidence are needed for the proof of your de facto relationship.

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