• Thursday , 21 January 2021

Find the Right Bond for You

When you are arrested, there are a few bond options for you. The bail process can be confusing. A professional bond agent can help you find the right bond for your release. Here are a few bonds that you can use to post for bail.

Cash Bond

A cash bond is easy to obtain. You do not need the services of a bond agent. You can post your bail with a cash deposit. It is always best to check with the department before heading out. Some police stations or county jails will only accept a cashier’s check or credit card for payment. If you do not have the full bond amount, there are other options for you.

Surety Bond

When you contact the bond agent, you will use a surety bond. There is help for those that do not have the full bond amount. However, you will have to place down a 10 percent deposit. You can use property or cash for the bond. Once you have placed down the deposit, you enter into an agreement with the bond agent. The bail bond company will cover the remaining amount of your bond. In turn, you must show up at every court date. If you fail to appear in court, a warrant will be issued for your arrest.

Property Bond

If you have valuable real estate holdings, you can use them as bond. A bail bond agent cannot help you with this bond. You will have to head to court and have a hearing before a judge. The value of the property is assessed at this time. Once a ruling has been made, you can post the property as bail. This process is not quick though. It is not usual for a property bond hearing to take several weeks to complete.

If you need help with Delaware County bail bonds, you can find an experienced agent in your area. These agents are ready to help you find the right bond for your situation.

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