• Tuesday , 27 July 2021

Essential Legal Expertise when Buying and Selling a Home

Although buying or selling a home might look fairly straightforward on the surface, there are a number of tasks involved in the process that require the services of a legal expert. If you are based in Gloucestershire and selling or buying a house you will not only need to find a buyer or a seller, you will also need the services of Gloucester conveyancing solicitors. For those who work outside the legal profession, the function of conveyancing will probably be a bit a mystery, so we’ll list the basic services they provide.

  • Drawing up Documents – Preparing Contract of Sale (for sellers) Preparing Transfer Documents (for buyers)
  • Legal Advice (for buyers and sellers)
  • Arranging Settlement

The above list only provides a small insight in to the role of the conveyancing solicitor in the sale or purchase of property. A conveyancing specialist in your area will be able to provide additional information.

Understanding Terms

If you have a found a conveyancing solicitor to help you buy or sell a home, they should be able to explain the process and exactly what they do for their fee. A good conveyancing solicitor will explain the terms in easy to understand language free from industry specific jargon. You may feel more comfortable with a local solicitor rather than one from further afield as they are familiar with your area and therefore familiar with the local property market. If you don’t know a local solicitor, use an online business directory to find one in your area.

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