bankruptcy-attorney-chinoThere are two types of bankruptcy cases handled by Kirkland bankruptcy attorney and they are Chapter 7 or the ‘liquidation’ or Chapter 13 the ‘wage earners’. Before getting started about how to file your case under using a professional lawyer under the bankruptcy court it is vital to understand which type are you actually dealing with.

The Chapter 13 & Chapter 7 Bankruptcy

There are several aspects that tend to distinguish chapter 13 cases from chapter 7, such as the minimum time frame for liquidation is about three to four months, whereas for wage earners it is three to five years. Similarly, only those debtors whose income ranges falls below the median of the state are eligible to file chapter 7 bankruptcy petition while for chapter 13 there is no such income requirement.

This is the reason why hiring a knowledgeable Kirkland bankruptcy lawyer is extremely important. As, they can always provide you a essential details about the type of case that you are dealing with, and even the procedures that are involved in filing the case.

Basics on Filing for Bankruptcy

It is mostly seen that the bankruptcy filer is an individual suffering from fragile economic situations, unable to repay a large amount of money, and then all of sudden became the victim of bad luck (injury, loss of job, uninsured expenses) which ended up into mounting penalties. The proficient Kirkland attorneys are there to help you get out from such circumstances using the Bankruptcy Law.

Through the bankruptcy law you can probably get a break from these miseries and have the opportunity to get  a fresh start from the scratch, rather than spending all your life under the wrath of unpayable debts.

Therefore, with the expertise of Kirkland bankruptcy lawyers you can make your move towards filing the form. While doing so, there are four steps that you need to follow and they are:


  • Analyze Your Debt: There are certain debts like child obligations which cannot be discharged under a bankruptcy pursuit. And if had taken the debt by placing a collateral then the creditor has legal rights to sell it. For more information on this you can always consult with your Kirkland estate attorney.
  • Determine Property Exemptions: There are exemption laws in every state, which is determined by the type of property that you own and its equity. Majority of the property based bankruptcy cases fall under chapter 7.
  • Ensure That You Are Eligible: There are specific requirements stipulated under the bankruptcy law which a filer needs to satisfy. Your lawyer can provide you a brief account about the eligibility criterion and whether you are eligible to file or not.
  • Fill The Bankruptcy Form: The most important step is filing the bankruptcy forms. This is where you inform the court about your income, property, expenses and debts. While working with forms take suggestions from the Kirkland bankruptcy attorney and follow what they have to say.

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